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Venturing Resources

Rank Advancement

The Venturing program is an additional program within the Boy Scouts of America for scouts in the 14-21 age groups. This program's intent is to provide participants opportunities to learn leadership skills through the planning and execution of activities in four program areas, namely Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service. The leadership development stages begin at participation in activities all the way through mentoring other scouts. Venturing scouts do have opportunities to complete Boy Scout rank advancements while they participate in the Venturing program. With this said, please refer to the Boy Scout page for references to this program. , and scouts are encouraged to continue to work on up through to the rank of Eagle Scout as they participate in Varsity activities. Please refer to the Boy Scouts Resources for assistance in the Boy Scout advancement program.

We have compiled several resources to assist Venturing leaders in understanding and executing the program. Several of them along with descriptions are listed below.

Venturing and Varsity Program Summary - This document highlights the key program areas as well as the activity emphasis and priorities of each advancement requirement. This can be very helpful to get a wholistic perspective of these programs as well as an understanding of how the program areas overlap.
Venturing and Varsity Activity Planning Worksheet - The core of Venturing is the development of leadership skills through the planning and execution of crew activities. This worksheet can assist a Venturer in organizing and planning various activities by highlighting questions that should be asked, issues considered, and more.
Venturing Structured Personal Reflections - In Venturing, the process of the structured personal reflection is somewhat abstract. This document can be used to help Venturers understand the idea and document their thoughts as they consider how they can develop themselves into better people. This includes a worksheet that they record their notes, develope personal goals associated with their reflection, and track their progress.
Rank Matrix - This document lays out the advancement ranks in the Boy Scout, Varsity, and Venturing programs side by side so the development of each can be better understood. This also includes some other various awards that are available to scouts that could provide motivation to them.
Program Calendar Template for 2017 - This calendar is the program calendar for Crew 66/64 that we are sharing in the interest in helping other crews develop their calendars. With that said, there are a few items on the calendar that may not make sense to other crews. For example, we are a crew sponsored by the LDS church, so we have monthly activities that we have with our young women's program (typically the third Wednesday). We have color-coded each activity to correspond with the program area such as Adventure, Leadership, and so on. At the top of the calendar on our own calendar we list the Activity Chair for the six month period as well as the consultants assigned to each Activity Chair so everyone knows who is responsible for the activity.

Other resources will be added as they are developed.

Leadership Training

A key aspect of the Venturing program is to provide scouts an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills. Included in the program are various professionally developed training courses which are required throughout the advancement process. Most of the primary training related to Venturing rank advancement are included on the scouting.org youth training page. For your information, however, the following trainings are included in the program:

Personal Safety Awareness (links to YouTube video)
Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews
Crew Officer Orientation
Goal Setting and Time Management Training
Project Management Training (available upon request due to copyright restrictions)
BSA Mentoring Training

For a listing of training available for adult leadership, click here.

Personal Development

The Venturing program also introduces the concept of the ethical controversy. A compilation of ethical controversy ideas can be found on the scouting.org website here.

Leadership Positions of Responsibility

A key aspect of the scouting program is to provide scouts an opportunity to learn and practice leadership qualities. Service in various Positions of Responsibility are required for ranks in the Venturing program. Follow this link for a quick list of the various Positions of Responsibility and a short description of each.

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