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Varsity Resources

Rank Advancement

The Varsity scout program is a program meant to supplement the Boy Scout program for scouts in the 14-18 age groups, and scouts are encouraged to continue to work on up through to the rank of Eagle Scout as they participate in Varsity activities. Please refer to the Boy Scouts Resources for assistance in the Boy Scout advancement program.

In addition, Varsity scouts have opportunities to earn the Varsity Letter, Activity Pins, and the Denali Award. A list of all requirements for each of these awards can be found at www.meritbadge.org.

Leadership Positions of Responsibility

A key aspect of the scouting program is to provide scouts an opportunity to learn and practice leadership qualities. Service in various Positions of Responsibility are required for rank advancement in the Varsity program. Follow this link for a quick list of the various Positions of Responsibility and a short description of each.



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