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Packing Lists

Each activity, seaon, or destination may suggest a different packing list to prepare for the adventure. The folks at ScoutLists.com has made the list making process simple with easy to click through lists. You can start with either the activity, the season, or the climate in which the activity will be done. After a few clicks you will be provided a packing list of items for that adventure. To access this site, please click on this link: www.scoutlists.com.

These lists are still a general guideline with notations regarding optional items. Your scout will also need to determine if there are additional items that should be brought, such as items that he will need to work on a particular scout skill or something to fulfill a troop or patrol assignment while on the activity.

Aside from that, we thought we would also include a listing of the ten essentials of any outdoor activity. You may find this list easier to start with than the ScoutLists list system above.

Expanded Ten Essentials

Navigation (map, compass, GPS, etc)
Sun Protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, etc)
Insulation (sleeping bag, clothing, jackets, gloves, proper shoes, scout uniform, etc)
Illumination (headlamp, flashlight, etc)
First Aid Supplies (first aid kit, bandages, medication, insect repellant, etc)
Fire (matches, lighter, camp stove, etc)
Repair Kit and Tools (pocket knife, multi-tool, duct tape, etc)
Nutrition (food, extra food, utensils, etc)
Hydration (water, water purification, water bottle, etc)
Shelter (tent, rain gear, emergency blanket, etc)

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