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Welcome to Columbia Basin Scouting, a local resource for the scout leaders and parents of Troop/Team/Crew 66 in Ephrata, Washington.

Visitors may also find information on this site to be helpful.

Hopefully you will find the information provided here to be of assistance in organizing your efforts and support to scouts and scouters in the area. The intent of this website is not to duplicate efforts of other similar websites, but to simplfy access to key information used frequently. Some content, such as local plant and animal identification information is specific to Eastern Washington and the Columbia Basin. If you would like to see something specific on this site, please contact us with your request.

"Yours in Scouting"

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Columbia Basin Scouting (cbscouting.com) is a reference tool for scouts and scouters in the Columbia Basin. While the website supports The Boy Scouts of America and its programs, it is not an official website of The Boy Scouts of America.